The Bullet Journal Experiment; What I’ve Learned from Keeping a Bullet Journal

By Abby Berman Mazenod

The Bullet Journal Experiment,

I have always kept some kind of a journal. Usually this journal is a scrapbook style mess of daily thoughts, poetry, song lyrics, story ideas, grocery lists, photos, and mementos, with stickers and doodles covering the already packed pages. (I have trouble remembering that I’m an adult sometimes). I guess I just never grew out of that need to physically create something daily. It’s a nice type of therapy.

That being said, I have also always had trouble with organization. So when introduced to the idea of a bullet journal by a nice lady at a coffee shop, my mind was blown! I’m a tiny bit obsessed ๐Ÿ™‚ After using this system for a little over 3 months, I feel like my overwhelming schedule and never-ending to-do list is finally manageable!

If you don’t already know, a bullet journal is an analog organization tool developed byย Ryder Carrollย as a way to simplify and organize your life plans and goals! It’s a journal/planner/list log/whatever you want to make it, and enough people have made them so freaking beautiful that it’s impossible not to be inspired.

For a more in depth how-to, watchย Ryder Carroll’s Video

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Table of Contents

What I’ve felt ย is one of the most helpful parts of the bullet journal system, is having a table of contents. Notes, ideas, and schedules are not only saved, but they are easily accessible and organized. Why didn’t I think of that?

Activity Tracker

The Bullet Journal Experiment,

My amazing friend Dylan encouraged me to start an activity tracker. This was the first month that I started using it and I am totally hooked! I have so many things that I wish I did daily, and to keep track of them feels great! I have read time and time again from bloggers and enthusiasts about how satisfying it is to fill in those little boxes, and they are exactly right! Another benefit I’ve noticed from tracking, is that it gives me a more realistic idea of what I can actually do in a day and it has shown me that I have absolutely ridiculous standards for myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break.

The Weekly Layout/The Planner Part

The Bullet Journal Experiment, www.tracingabby.comThe Bullet Journal Experiment,

Here is another great part, you can make your own planner exactly how you want it. If you need a ton of space to fill up with plans and tasks, just use more pages. Or if you don’t, don’t. If you want to just plan a week in advance or if you want to plan a year in advance… you are the one creating this… so it is whatever you want to make of it! Complete creative/organizational freedom and control.

Other Important/Not-So Important Lists

The Bullet Journal Experiment,

Another great part of keeping a Bullet Journal, is that all of your important notes and lists can be in one place! There is no need to have a notebook for every category of your life. (Believe me… I did it… and it makes one heavy purse ๐Ÿ™‚ ) ย It’s also fun to have them ready and available for whenever needed, and it feels great to check things off of your list.

The Bullet Journal Experiment, www.tracingabby.comThe Bullet Journal Experiment, www.tracingabby.comThe Bullet Journal Experiment, www.tracingabby.comThe Bullet Journal Experiment,

Bullet Journal Experiment,


I have a problem with getting a little too excited about supplies. The supplies aren’t necessary. Really, a pen and a blank notebook are all you need. But supplies are so much fun! I use aย Better Together Walletย to keep stickers, pens, stamps and whatever else I can fit in it, because it’s so convenient for travel.

The Bullet Journal Experiment,

Bullet Journaling Supplies

Bullet Journal Experiment,

I have so much fun with Washi Tape! It can be used to make boarders, frames, colorful tabs, or organize categories, it can be used to cover up messy mistakes, or you can just go crazy and put it anywhere you have a blank space ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I’ve noticed that for me the best way to make it portable without having to carry a bunch of rolls of tape around is to wrap them around a bookmark size piece of thin cardboard.

The Bullet Journal Experiment,

Supplies for on-the-go that can fit in your bag

I really like to have supplies in my purse also, some of the supplies that I carry with me areย Stabilo mini fine tip pens,ย Midliner Highlighters, aย mini masking sticker set, and whatever other pens I can fit in my little bag.

So that’s it! My little review and experience with using a bullet journal. I will definitely keep using it because I feel that it has really helped me in keeping organized with my day-to-day and my future goals! Hope you’ll start one too if you haven’t already.

Best Wishes,


Bullet Journal Experiment,