How Did Butterflies Get Their Wings? A Myth of the Origin

By Abby Berman Mazenod 


Myth Project: How Did Butterflies Get Their Wings?(click here to view Myth)

IMG_3373 2


    The myth is such an interesting concept. Each culture seems to have their own mythology that is significant in the foundation of that culture. We all remember studying Greek and Roman mythology, and many would consider various religions to be cultural mythologies as well. The stories and characters in these works can be informative, fun, they can teach a lesson, or a concept, or establish a meaning for creation. It is beautiful and overwhelming to think of the weight that these myths have carried with people and cultures of the past.
    In one of my classes we were supposed to create our own myth, and a website to explain about it. I chose to write of the origin of a natural phenomenon: Butterflies. I have always been fascinated by butterflies and thought that their beautiful wings are somehow magical. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to establish a story about their evolution that is actually magical. I loved creating this story. I had so much fun giving personalities to little caterpillars and bringing in the fantasy elements of fairies and magic. I don’t know if writing this will help with my understanding of myths, but it definitely helps me to understand and appreciate the art of storytelling a bit more. I loved it!
    Have a magical day!


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