I’m Abby Berman, a Los Angeles based musician, poet and enthusiast of life, literature, music, travel, cultures, people, finding inspiration, and helping people.

My focus and main passion is music. I create art pop, singer/songwriter music with a hopeful, nostalgic, passionately emotional vibe. Musicians similar to me would be Rachael Yamagata, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. If you like the music of any of these artists, you might like mine. Please check it out here!

Thank you so much for visiting my site! Have a beautiful day. 


Abby Berma Music


New single “Hungry Eyes” is available now on all streaming sites



Abby Berman, Don't Kiss the Frogs
Album: Don’t Kiss the Frogs Available on All Streaming Sites


Abby Berman, The Frog Kissed Me
Book of Poetry: The Frog Kissed Me available through all online booksellers

Abby Berman is a singer, songwriter and piano player based out of Los Angeles, California. Her melodic vocal and piano based music relates to fans of Fiona Apple, Adele, Regina Spektor, Joss Stone, Feist, and Florence and the Machine and many other soulful blues and pop musicians. Influenced by a wide variety of musicians like Billy Joel, Prince, Tori Amos, Cake, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Carole King and Fiona Apple, this is music that can reach anyone, at any place in their life.

Born and raised in Ventura County, Abby started playing piano at the age of 5 and wrote her first song at age 6. Classically trained in piano and singing in church growing up, she didn’t put the two together until the age of 13. After performing for friends and family so frequently, and realizing how much she could touch people with her music, it was obvious that this was Abby’s calling.

At 18, Abby decided to focus on a solo career. She released a demo, which included her song “Russian Roulette.” The song was later turned into a video, released at the independent New York and Los Angeles film festivals.

More recently, Abby has been the front person, singer, keyboard player and co-songwriter for her bluesy funk rock band Tracing Amber. They had 2 full length albums, both self titled, and an untitled EP.  Developing her stage performance and bluesy, soulful voice, Tracing Amber helped shape Abby’s current style and sound.

Currently, Abby is promoting her first full length solo album, “Don’t Kiss the Frogs,” which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and simoltaneously, she has released her book of poetry that doubles as an album insert, “The Frog Kissed Me.” These new releases go back to her roots of blues pop and folk, and she feels they are the perfect representation of who she is as an artist and a musician.




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