Bracelet lost on a Subway: A Poem


By Abby Berman Mazenod


you were never really mine

your paper beads of turquoise blue

and some of glass the color of brass

and the color of silver teeth


you were made far away

a gift by delicate hands

in the ache of the sun

in the ache of the sand


and when you were mine

i believed you were mine

but there is no mine, no yours

there is always only ours


and though someone thinks that they have theirs

which I seemed to think was also mine

it will really only ever be ours

ours, and whoever it touches next


your fragile clasp refused to hold on

I knew you wouldn’t stay mine for long

but that was your gift, your intent

to be in the world, and feel the world, and feel the ones who live in it.



(Just a note: I was very inspired by something someone once told me about losing jewlery. They said that when you lose a piece of jewlery, it is meant to be lost. Whatever the reason, that token was needed by someone else in that moment more than you. It also reminded me of the connectedness with others that I am striving for in my own life, and made me feel like this little bracelet that I lost can maybe brighten someone else’s day.

The bracelet itself was made by women in Northern Uganda and sold by 31 Bits.)


Xoxo -Abby


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