Album & Poetry Book Release

Today is the day!!!

This is just a quick link list… A pretty webpage/store is to come!!!


For the Album


Don’t Kiss the Frogs:


Apple Music



Reverb Nation

…and any other place music can be streamed.




For the Book


The Frog Kissed Me:

Lulu Press


(and pending online release for Barnes & Nobel and Kobo)



I’m so proud and excited! This has taken so long… but it was worth the time and effort. Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out, and thank you so much to all the people who were involved and supported!


Don’t Kiss the Frogs

All songs written by Abby Berman
Produced by Abby Berman & Gabe Dulek
Recorded & Engineered by Gabe Dulek
Vocals & Piano: Abby Berman
Guitar by Patrick Mazenod
Bass by Alex Kish
String Arrangements by Alex Kish
Drums by Brian Head & John Perry
Graphics by Erika Hernandez
Recorded at: Shabby Road Studios (Courtesy of Rick & Anh Perrotta )


The Frog Kissed Me

Poems & Lyrics by Abby Berman
Edited by Chelsee Finch
Graphics by Erika Hernandez


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